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In March 2000 Bruno and Rino Grollo divided the Grollo Group of companies to pursue their own goals.  Rino and Diana Grollo, together with their son, Lorenzo, took control of Grollo Australia and the Rialto Towers and Bruno Grollo together with his sons, Adam and Daniel, took control of the Grocon Group.  This marked the beginning of a new era for the Grollo family.

The ten years from 2000 has been a productive and exciting time for the Grollo Group. Rino and Diana Grollo consolidated their companies and directed their energies to sectors they have a special interest in – sport, education, tourism and community.

In keeping with these interests, over the past decade the Grollo Group has focused on the development of education, commerce and retail precincts and buildings.

Through Grollo Equiset, the family and its employers and partners have developed and delivered some iconic and innovative projects in Melbourne and Sydney. The common thread is the development of sustainable assets for our cities that demonstrate leadership in design, construction and environmental responsibility.

The Grollo Group continues to explore opportunities, applying high standards in management, information and service delivery and developing solutions that consider not only the client but the broader environmental and community impacts.