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In this decade, the Grollo business focused on building swimming pools, from Coburg and Oakleigh to Swan Hill and Echuca. They even built some in southern New South Wales. The company also constructed superstructures, including bridges, banks, homes and airfields.

Managing many jobs at once required delegation and organisation, so key personnel were trusted with managing the individual sites and workers were offered more continuity in their employment. The Grollos created two private companies to deal with the growing business: Conpor and Grollo Building and Engineering. Conpor worked on civil works, municipal swimming pools and petrol stations while Grollo Engineering and Building took on large contract projects such as city buildings, factories and homes.

Luigi and Emma's youngest son, Rino, joined the family business in 1965 and he and his brother Bruno gradually took over responsibility and control of the business. By the time Luigi retired in 1968, the face of the company was changing, with workers of many cultural backgrounds adding to the original Italian team members.